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How to find a genealogy professional

This website lists independent companies and individuals who provide genealogy related products and services including professional genealogical research. These services are listed in directories organized by geographic and research specialties. Select a product or research specialty for the left side menu or click on a map area to display a directory of genealogy professionals. You can then review the information provided by each professional and then contact them regarding their service or product. If you are uncertain about how to proceed then write a note in the form to the left or send a message to      more>>

Professional Genealogists Ancestry & Family Tree Researchers organized in research specialty directories
Click on a region of the map to see a list of professionals who research records of that country or region
Spain France Poland Wales Scotland New England United Kingdom USA Northwest Ukraine & Belarus Ireland Northern Ireland Ontario Canada Mexico Denmark Finland Australia New Zealand Portugal Quebec Canada Atlantic Canada Italy Switzerland Germany Austria Virginia & West Virginia Maryland & Washington DC New Jersey Pennsylvania Delaware New York & New Jersey Russia Africa Middle East Sweden Norway Minnesota Iowa Nebraska Dakotas Kansas Missouri Balkans Western Canada Canada Lithuania Latvia Estonia Netherlands Belgium Luxembourg Czech Republic Slovakia Hungary Romania Moldova Illinois Indiana Ohio Kentucky Michigan Wisconsin USA South Mountain Georgia Carolinas Tennessee Arkansas Texas Oklahoma Florida Louisiana Mississippi Alabama California Hawaii World Click map for directory of genealogy professionals

Try some of the specialty combination directories of professionals with both specialties
UK research USA research British American
United Kingdom research Canada research British Canadian
United Kingdom research Australia research British Australian
Ireland research Australia research Irish Australian
Ireland research Canada research Irish Canadian
United Kingdom research New Zealand research UK & New Zealand
United Kingdom research Ireland research UK & Ireland
USA research Ireland research Irish American
USA research Italy research Italian American
USA research Poland research Polish American
USA research Scotland research Scottish American
USA research Germany research German American
USA research Scandinavia research Swedish American
USA research Mexico research Mexican American
Italy research Canada research Italian Canadian
Poland research Canada research Polish Canadian
Scotland research Canada research Scottish Canadian
Scotland research Australia research Scottish Australian
Scotland research Northern Ireland research Scottish Irish
Scotland research Ireland research Scottish Irish
Germany research German Jewish
Poland research Poland & Jewish
Russia research Russia & Jewish
United Kingdom research US & Jewish
and thousands more combinations.

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