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Many surnames are associated with the place/locality of where the family lived and in those cases the location is noted as the meaning.
Many surnames are associated with the occupation of the person given the name.

Surname Origin Meaning
Faal Gaelic              Gaelic A rocky place
Faber Latin               Latin A workman, a smith
Fabian Latin               Latin Fabius, Faba, a bean
Facet French              French Facette, a little face
Faden Gaelic              Gaelic Feadan, a fife, flute
Fagan Gaelic              Gaelic A beech-tree
Fagg Saxon               Saxon Fag, variable or many colored
Fairbairn a fair, handsome bairn or child
Fairfax Saxon               Saxon Fair-hair
Fairholm Locality            Locality The fair island
Fake German              German A falcon or hawk
Fales Locality            Locality Fale, a river of Cornwall, England
Falke German              German A falcon or hawk
Falkland Saxon               Saxon From Folck, the common people, and land
Falun Locality            Locality Fanning
Fane a temple, a church
Fanning Locality            Locality son of Fann
Fanshaw Fane, a temple or church, and shaw, a small wood or grove
Far Gaelic-Welsh        Gaelic-Welsh great
Farber German              German painter
Farman German              German Fahr-mann, master of a ferry-boat
Farnham Locality            Locality a town in Surrey, England
Farquhar Gaelic              Gaelic From Fear, a man, and còir, just, honest, good
Farquharson son of Farquhar
Farraday Gaelic              Gaelic From Farraideach, inquisitive, prying, curious
Farrar German,             German, Pfarrer a minister
Fasset French              French Fausette, falsehood, cheat, forgery
Faucet French              French Fausette, falsehood, cheat, forgery
Faukner German              German A catcher of trainer of hawks
Fay Spanish             Spanish Fe, faith
Fearan Gaelic              Gaelic An estate
Felch Welch
Fell Dutch               Dutch fierce, furious, violent
Felton Locality            Locality A small town in England
Fenshaw Locality            Locality The shaw or grove in the fen
Fenton Welsh-British       Welsh-British A well
Ferdinand German              German From Fred, peace, and rand, pure
Fergus Scottish-Gaelic     Scottish-Gaelic A fierce or brave chieftain, from Fear, man, and guth, a voice or word
Ferguson Scottish            Scottish son of Fergus
Ferrer Locality            Locality Ferrieres, a small town of Gastinois, France
Ferrers Locality            Locality Ferrieres, a small town of Gastinois, France
Ferris Ferrers
Ferrol Gaelic              Gaelic Famous men
Fielding Earls of Hapsburgh, in Germany
Fife Locality            Locality A shire or county of Scotland
Fifield Locality            Locality Lands held in fee or fief, for which the individual pays service or owes rent
Filey Locality            Locality a town in England
Filley Locality            Locality a town in England
Filmore Fille, Saxon, denoting fullness or plenteousness, and mere, a lake or moist piece of ground
Filmur Fille, Saxon, denoting fullness or plenteousness, and mere, a lake or moist piece of ground
Filo Filea, in the Gaelic, is a bard, poet, or historian
Finch A small singing bird
Findlay Scottish            Scottish Fionnlagh meaning fair warrior
Finney Gaelic              Gaelic the genitive of Fionn, fair, sincere, true
Firman Ferdman, a soldier
Firol Gaelic              Gaelic Famous men
Fischer German              German fisherman, fishmonger
Fisk French              French From Fisc, revenue, public funds
Fister Danish              Danish fisherman
FitzGerald Norman-French       Norman-French son of Gerald
FitzGilbert Norman-French       Norman-French son of Gilbert
FitzHamon son of Hamon
FitzHarding son of Harding
FitzHatton son of Hatton
FitzHenry son of Henry
FitzHerbert son of Herbert
FitzHervey son of Hervey
FitzHugh son of Hugh
FitzJohn son of John
FitzMorice son of Morris
FitzOrme son of Orme
FitzParnell son of Parnell
FitzPatrick son of Patrick
FitzRandolph son of Randolph
FitzRoy son of Roy
FitzSwain son of Swain
Flack Dutch               Dutch Vlak,flat, low ground
Flaherty Celtic              Celtic A man of chieftain-like exploits
Flanders Locality            Locality a County or Earldom of the Low Countries, or Netherlands
Flannagan Gaelic              Gaelic From flann, ruddy complexion
Fleischer German              German butcher
Fleischman German              German butcher
Fleming Scottish            Scottish Flanders. a County or Earldom of the Low Countries, or Netherlands
Fletcher French              French A maker of arrows, or superintendant of archery
Flint Locality            Locality a market town of that name, near the sea, in Flintshire, Wales
Flood Fludd or Floyd. Welsh, brown, gravy, hoary
Flores Spanish-Portuguese  Spanish-Portuguese Floro, meaning flower
Floyd Welsh               Welsh brown, gravy, hoary
Flynn Irish               Irish descendant of Flann
Folger Fougeres, a town of France
Foljambe Full James, Fool James
Follet French              French Frolicksome, merry, gay
Folliot French              French Frolicksome, merry, gay
Fonda Spanish             Spanish bottom, foundation, the source or beginning
Foote Locality            Locality A place at the bottom of a hill or mountain, the base
Forbes Scottish            Scottish Lands free from military service
Forbisher A polisher or armor or weapons
Fordham Locality            Locality a town in England
Forrester A woodman
Forster A woodman
Forsythe Gaelic              Gaelic From Fear, a man, and Syth, upright, honest, stiff
Fortescue Strong shield
Fosdyke Locality            Locality The name of a canal, cut by the order of Henry VIII., from the great marsh near Lincoln, England, to the Trent. Fosse-dyke
Fosgate From fisse, a ditch, moat, or trench, and gate
Foss Cornish-British     Cornish-British The entrenchment, moat, or ditch
Foster Forrester
Fotherby Locality            Locality The town of provisions, food and fodder
Fothergill Locality            Locality Fother and gill, a brook
Fotheringham Locality            Locality The house or town supplying food for man and beast
Foulis Normandy            Normandy Feuilles
Fountain springs or fountains
Fournier French              French baker cooking dough in the fourneau ‘oven’
Fowler A sportsman who persues wild fowl
Fox the cunning animal
Frame Gaelic              Gaelic Freumk or Freamk, a root, stem, stock, lineage
Francis Saxon               Saxon Frank, free
Frank A native of France
Frankland Saxon               Saxon the land of the Franks
Franklin superior freeholder
Fraser Scottish            Scottish Fraischeur, French, frshness, coolness, bloom
Frederick German              German Rich peace, or peaceable reign
Freeman One who enjoys liberty
Freer French, Frere, a friar, a monk, a brother
Freiot Dutch               Dutch Fraaiheid, signifies prettiness, neatness
Fremont Locality            Locality Framont, a place in France, near Lorraine
French belonging to France
Frery Frederick
Friar French              French a brother, a member of a religious order
Frisby Danish              Danish The new, or fresh town
Friskin Gaelic              Gaelic From Fear, and skein, a sword
Frobisher A polisher or armor or weapons
Frost Welsh               Welsh Ffrost, a brag
Frothingham Locality            Locality A house or village situated near a strait or arm of the sea
Fry Cornish-British     Cornish-British A hill, a town or house on the most prominent part of a hill or eminence
Fu Chinese             Chinese descendants of Fu Yue
Fuchs German              German a fox or clever, cunning person
Fulham Locality            Locality A village on the Thames, England
Fulke Dutch               Dutch Valk, a hawk
Fulkins son of Fulke
Fuller One who fulls cloth; a clothier
Fullerton Locality            Locality The town where the cloth is dressed
Fulsom Locality            Locality Foulsham, a town in England
Furbusher A polisher or armor or weapons

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