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Many surnames are associated with the place/locality of where the family lived and in those cases the location is noted as the meaning.
Many surnames are associated with the occupation of the person given the name.

Surname Origin Meaning
Oakes Locality            Locality From a dwelling near the oak-trees.
Oakham Locality            Locality From the town of Oakham, in Rutlandshire, England
Oakley Locality            Locality The fields or pasture abounding in oaks
OBierne descendants of Byrne
OBoyle Ó Baoighill
OBrien descendant of Brien
OByrne descendants of Bran
OCallaghan Celtic-Gaelic       Celtic-Gaelic descendants or tribe of Callaghan
Ochiern Gaelic              Gaelic the heir apparent to a lordship
Ockham Locality            Locality a town in Surrey, England, so called from the abundance of oaks growing there
Ockley Saxon               Saxon oak field
OConnor descendants of Conor
OConor descendants of Conor
ODevlin descendant of Develin
ODonnell descendants of Donal
ODonoghue descendants of Donogh
ODonovan descendants of Donovan
ODorcy descendant of Dorcy
ODougherty chief of the oak habitation
ODugan descendant of Dugan
OFlaherty descendant of Flaherty
Ogden Saxon               Saxon oak vale
Ogilvie Locality            Locality the lands of Ogilvie, in Scotland
OGowan descendant of Gowan
OHara descendant of Hara
Oigthierna Gaelic              Gaelic heir apparent to a lordship,
OKeefe descendant of Kief
OLeary descendant of Lary
Olifant An elephant
Oliver from the olive-tree
Ollendorff Locality            Locality Oldendorf in Germany
Olmstead Locality            Locality A place or town by the green oaks
Olsen Scandinavian        Scandinavian son of Olaf
OMahony descendant of Mahon
OMalley descendant of Malley
Onderdonk Dutch               Dutch Under grace or pardon
ONeil descendants of Neil
Onslow Locality            Locality the manor of Onslow, in Shropshire, England
OQuin descendants of Con Ceadcaha
Orchard Locality            Locality An inclosure of fruit-trees
Orme French              French elm-tree
Ormiston Locality            Locality The town or village of elms
Ormsby a place surrounded by elms
Orr Locality            Locality town of Orr, in Scotland
Ortega Spanish             Spanish Ortega in Coruña province
Ortiz Spanish             Spanish son of Orti
Orton Locality            Locality town of Orton, in Westmoreland, England
Orvis Cornish-British     Cornish-British place on or near an entrenchment
Osborn Saxon               Saxon From hus, a house, and bearn, a child--a family-child, an adopted child.
Osmund Saxon               Saxon From hus, a house, and mund, peace
Osterhoudt Dutch               Dutch The east wood, from oost or oster, east, and houdt, a wood
Ostheim German              German From Ost, east, and heim, a home, habitation or village
Ostrander Dutch               Dutch The lord of the east shore
Oswald Saxon               Saxon From hus, a house, and wald, a ruler
Otis Greek               Greek quick hearing
OToole descendants of Tuathal
Otter Locality            Locality a low promontory jutting into the sea, a shoal.
Oudekirk Dutch               Dutch town in Holland
Ouseley Locality            Locality the river Ouse, in England
Outhoudt Dutch               Dutch The old wood
Owen Celtic              Celtic The good offspring
Oxford Locality            Locality Oxford, in England

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