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Many surnames are associated with the place/locality of where the family lived and in those cases the location is noted as the meaning.
Many surnames are associated with the occupation of the person given the name.

Surname Origin Meaning
Abbiss Abby's son
Abbot chief ruler of an abbey
Adcock little Ad or Adam
Addison son of Adam, Adie or Addie
Adee Adam
Adie Adam
Adkins son of Adam
Aitkin son of Arthur
Alan hound
Alanson son as Alan
Alcock little Hal or Al
Allendorf A town in Hesse, Germany
Alley passage or walk
Allinson Allen's Son
Allison Alice's son
Allwright Old Wright
Angevine Anjou, in France
Ansell Anselm
Anson son of Ann
Anthon Anthony
Arblaster Balistarius, a cross-bowman
Armour Armorer, a maker of armor
Armstrong strength in battle
Atkins son of Arthur
Aurora Aurea hora, the golden hour
Ayleward ale-keeper
Baba German, Bube, a boy
Babcock Bab, a nickname for Bartholomew, and cock, small, little, a son
Baber Bosseville; from Bosch, a wood, and ville, a village
Badger a hawker, a peddler
Bailey Bailiff
Balch bald
Ballantine A place where Bal or Belus was worshiped by the Celts
Ballantyne A place of ancient pagan worship among the Celts
Balmer Balm or spice dealer
Bangs Banks
Bar Barr, a parish in Ayrshire, Scotland
Barker tanner
Barney Bernard
Barr Barr, a parish in Ayrshire, Scotland
Barrow A circular earthen mound, marking the place of interment of some noted person
Barry Baruch, a devout man who was interred there
Bartlett Bartholomew-little Bart
Bathe Bathing-Place
Bathgate Bathing-Place Road or Way
Battcock Bartholomew
Beacher beach or bay
Beadle a messenger or crier of a court
Beckett little brook
Beckman a brook or stream, or on a bec, or neck of land
Beckwith Beckworth, the farm or place by the brook, from beck, a brook, and worth, a farm
Bede devout man
Bedell Beadle, an officer belonging to a court, university, ward, or parish
Bennett Benedictus, blessed
Benson son of Benjamin
Bentley bent, bent-grass, and ley, uncultivated ground, a pasture
Beresford Barrasford, from barra, an old word for a plain, open heath
Beverly Belvoir, a beautiful prospect, and ley, a place or field
Biddle Bedell and Beadle
Biggar A town in Lanarkshire, Scotland
Blake Ap Lake, from Ap, signifying from, or son, and Lake
Blakeman Blackman
Bland Mild, gentle, smooth
Blyth Glad, gay, joyful
Boardman One who keeps a boarding-house
Bocock Beaucock, a fine fellow
Bolton round hill
Bond The father of a family
Booth A small cottage
Bowes Castle of Bowes with five hundred archers to defend it
Bowles bowl
Bowman archer
Bowyer archer
Boyer A name given to a Grandee among the Muscovites
Braman Bremen, local, a city of Germany
Brett Breton, a Briton
Brewer A brewer of malt liquor
Brittan A native of Britain
Britten A native of Britain
Britton A native of Britain
Brocklesby a small town in England
Brome a sprig of the broom-plant as the symbol of humility
Bronson son of Brown
Broome a sprig of the broom-plant as the symbol of humility
Brotherson nephew
Brownson son of Brown
Brunson son of Brown
Bryan Brian
Buck Buck
Buckmaster one who had the care of herds of venison
Bull A well-known animal, powerful, fierce, and violent
Bullard Having the disposition of a bull
Bullock A full-grown ox
Bunting A kind of bird
Burder A bird-catcher
Burdett A little bird, ett signifying young, small, tender
Burgess An inhabitant of a borough
Burke De Burgo the fort, castle, hill, or city
Burrell borel lay clerks
Butler chief Butler of Ireland, the Earls of Ormond
Butts Butts were marks for archery
Caddick Caddock
Cade barrel or cask
Caig Keig
Caines Caine's son
Cains Caine's son
Calhoun Colquhoun
Callen MacAllen
Calley Kelly
Callie Kelly
Callister MacAllister
Calpin Calthorpe
Campion Champion
Camps Camp
Candy Gandy
Caney Cane
Cannan Cannon
Canney Caney
Cannings Canning's Son
Cannons Cannon's Son
Capel a strong horse
Capes Cape's Son
Caplan Chaplin
Caplin Chaplin
Capps Capp's Son
Carbutt Garbutt
Care Carr or Kerr
Carey the manor of Cary or Kari, as spelled in the Doomsday Book, in the parish of St. Giles, near Launceston, England
Carolan Carroll, with the diminutive suffix -an
Carollan Carroll, with the diminutive suffix -an
Carpmael Cartmel
Carpmile Cartmel
Carrey the manor of Cary or Kari, as spelled in the Doomsday Book, in the parish of St. Giles, near Launceston, England
Carrie the manor of Cary or Kari, as spelled in the Doomsday Book, in the parish of St. Giles, near Launceston, England
Carrollan Carroll, with the diminutive suffix -an
Carson son of Car
Carter one who drives a cart
Cartey MacCarty
Carthy MacCarthy
Cartie MacCarty
Carttar Carter
Carty MacCarty
Cason Case's Son
Cassady Cassidy
Cassal Castle
Cassel Castle
Cassell Castle
Casson Cass's Son
Castell Castle
Castles Castle
Caterson Cater's Son
Cates Cate's Son
Catling Catlin
Catterson Cater's Son
Cattlow Catta's Tumulus, hlaew burial mound, hill
Caul MacCall
Caunter Gaunter, Ganter
Cawley Macauly
Cearn Cairn, Carn
Cearns Cairns
Ceeley Seeley
Chalcraft Calcraft
Chaldecott Caldecott
Challice cup or bowl
Challis cup or bowl
Champion A soldier that fought in public combat
Champlain Champ, an open, level field or plain, and lean, a meadow
Champlin Champ, an open, level field or plain, and lean, a meadow
Chanay Cheney
Chandler maker and seller of various wares, originally of candles
Chaney Cheney
Chanler Chandler, maker and seller of various wares, originally of candles
Chantler Chandler, maker and seller of various wares, originally of candles
Chantrell Little Chanter
Chany Cheney
Chapin Chapman; a trader, a shopman
Chapman Chipman, a trader, a shopman
Chappel Chapel
Chappell Chapel
Chapple Chapel
Charleson Charles's Son
Charlesson Charles's Son
Charlett Little Charle, or Charles
Charter Carter
Chaston Caston
Chatto Catto
Chawner Chaloner/Challoner
Cheator Chater ante
Cheese Cheesman/Cheeseman or Cheeswright/Cheesewright
Cheevers Cheever's Son
Cheke Cheek
Chessman Cheesman/Cheeseman
Chesterman Chester + man
Cheswright Cheeswright/Cheesewright
Chetter Chater
Cheyney Cheney
Chichester Cissa, the son of Aella, who settled the kingdom of the South-Saxons; and ceaster or chester, a city, from castrum, a Roman station
Chidley Chidlow
Chiesman Cheesman/Cheeseman
Childers Childer's Son
Childs Child, Page and Varlet were names given to youths from 7 to 14 years old, while receiving their education for knighthood
Chillingworth Killingworth
Chilvers Chilver's Son
Chinery Chenery
Chinnery Chenery
Chipman trader
Chisman Cheesman/Cheeseman
Chismon Cheesman/Cheeseman
Chivers Cheevers
Choyce Choice
Chrimes Grimes
Chrismas birth at this season
Chrisp Crisp
Christianson Christian's Son
Christison Christie's Son
Christmas birth at this season
Christophers Christopher's Son
Christopherson Christopher's Son
Christy Little Christian or Christopher
Chrystie Little Christian or Christopher
Church English chirch, and Scottish Kirk, Latin circus, and this from the Gaelic cearcal, a temple, a round building
Churcher English chirch, and Scottish Kirk, Latin circus, and this from the Gaelic cearcal, a temple, a round building
Churchman Church-ward
Churley Chorley
Churly Chorley
Chuter Shuter
Clackson Clack's Son
Clapson Clapp's Son
Claret Little Clare
Clarey Clearey
Clarie Clearey
Clarke Clerk, a clergyman
Clarkson Clerk's Son
Clary Clearey
Clayson Clay's Son
Claytor Cleator
Clee Clay
Cleere Clare
Clem Little Clement
Clemenson Clement's Son
Clements Clement's Son
Clementson Clement's Son
Cleminson Clement's Son
Clemitson Clement's Son
Clemm Little Clement
Clemmey Little Clement
Clemmie Little Clement
Clemo Clem's Son
Clemow Clem's Son
Clempson Clem's Son
Clemson Clem's Son
Clench Clinch
Clenton Clinton
Clewlow Clulow
Clim Little Clement
Climm Little Clement
Climpson Clem's Son
Climson Clem's Son
Clisby Cleasby
Clogg wooden shoe
Cluff Clough, Hollow or Ravine
Coake Cook
Cobbett Little Cobb
Cobbin Little Cobb
Cobbing Little Cobb
Cobbs Cobb's Son
Cobby Little Cobb
Cockayne London; a Cockney
Cocks Cock's Son
Cockson Cock's Son
Codlin Little Codd
Codling Little Codd
Coggins Coggin's Son
Coghill Cockhill, a hill frequented by game-birds
Coke Cook
Coker Cocker, boatman
Colbertson Colbert's Son
Coleman workman in coals
Coles Cole's Son
Coleson Cole's Son
Coll Cole Nicholas
Collen Collin or Colin
Collens Collen's Son
Colles Coll's Son
Collings Colling's Son
Collinson Collin's Son
Collis Colly's, Colley's, or Collie's Son
Collison Colly's, Colley's, or Collie's Son
Colliss Colly's, Colley's, or Collie's Son
Collisson Colly's, Colley's, or Collie's Son
Collister Callister MacAllister
Collman Coleman workman in coals
Colls Coll's Son
Collson Coll's Son
Colman dealer or workman in coals
Colson son of Col or Cole
Colt of a sportive disposition
Colverd Calvard
Comings Comin's Son
Comins Comin's Son
Commans Comman's Son
Commins Comin's Son
Comyns Comin's Son
Conchie MacConchie
Condliff Cunliff
Condliffe Cunliffe
Condlyffe Cunliffe
Connery Conroy, for O'Mulconry
Conroy 'Mulconry
Constable A commander of the cavalry
Conyngham Coningham
Cooch Gooch
Cookes Cooke's Son
Cookman Cook + man
Cooks Cook's Son
Cookson son of Cook
Cool Cole, Nicholas
Coole Cole, Nicholas
Cooles Coole's Son
Cooperson Cooper's Son
Coplestone Copple + stan, a stone, rock, stone castle
Copus Copp-House
Cordingley Cording's or Cordin's Lea
Corish MacKorish or MacOrish
Cornes Little Cornelius
Corness Little Cornelius
Cornish Belonging to Cornwall
Corris MacKoris/MacKorish or MacOris/MacOrish
Corrish MacKoris/MacKorish or MacOris/MacOrish
Corson son of Car
Cosens Cousins Cousin's Son
Cosins Cousin's Son
Cossins Cousin's Son
Cossons Cosson's Son
Cost Little Constantine
Coste Little Constantine
Coton Cotton
Cotterall Little Cotter
Cotterell Little Cotter
Cotterill Little Cotter
Cottier Cotter,Cottager
Cottle Cottell, Little Cotter
Cottrell cottager
Cottrill Cotterill, Little Cotter
Coules Coles, Cole's Son
Coulman Coleman workman in coals
Coulson Colson, Coleson, Cole's Son
Coup Coop/Coope or Cope A hill
Coupe Coop/Coope or Cope A hill
Court A place inclosed, protected, cut off
Courtice Curtis
Cousens Cousen's or Cousin's Son
Cousins Cousin's Son
Couzens Cousens, Cousen's or Cousin's Son
Cowl Cole. Nicholas
Cowle Cole. Nicholas
Cowles A monk's hood or habit
Cowlin Colin, Little Nicolas/Nicholas
Cowling Colling, or Cooling, Colin Little Nicolas/Nicholas
Cowlishaw Collishaw, colig -- col, coal, charcoal + scaga/sceaga, a wood
Cox Cock, little, a term of endearment
Coxall Cock's Slope or Corner
Coxe Cock's Son
Coxen Coxon
Coxon Cock's Son
Coysh Coish, coise, chief,master; and coisy, excellent,choice
Cozens Cousen's or Cousin's Son
Craik Crake, Creak or Creek
Crake Creak or Creek
Crogan A lean little person
Croke Crook
Croker Crook
Crome Croome
Cromey Crombie
Cromie Crombie
Crone Croghan
Cronk Crank
Crookes plural of Crook
Crooks plural of Crook
Crosier A bishop's staff, with a cross
Crosk Crask
Crossman Cross + man
Crouchman Crouch + man
Crouden Crowden
Crowder Crowther
Crowdy Crowder
Crowfoot Crawford
Crowson Crow's Son
Crowthers Crowther's Son
Croxen Croxon
Crozier Crosier
Cruice Cruise
Cruickshank Crookshank
Cruickshanks Crookshanks
Cruikshank Crookshank
Cruikshanks Crookshanks
Cruise Cruse
Crummack Cromack
Crummock Cromack
Crumpton Crompton
Crutch Crouch
Crutcher Croucher
Crutchley Crouchley
Crute Croot
Crux Crooks
Cubbage Cuppage
Cubbins Cubbin's Son
Cubbison Cubby's Son
Cubby Little Cuthbert
Cubison Cubby's Son
Cubit Little Jacob
Cubitt Little Jacob
Cuckson Cookson
Cudmore Cutmore
Cudworth dwelling in the wood
Cuffey Little Cuff
Culbard Colbert
Culbertson son of Culbert
Cullies Culley's Son
Cullyer Collier
Culmer Colmer
Culshaw Culcheth
Culver pigeon
Cumber Comber
Cumbers Cumber's Son
Cumin Comin
Cumine Comin
Cumines Comins
Cuming Comin
Cumings Comins
Cumins Comins
Cummin Comin
Cumming Comin
Cummins Comins
Cumper Comper
Cundy Condy
Cupland Copeland
Cupman Copeman
Cupper Cooper
Curling Carling
Curson Curzon
Cursons Curzon's Son
Cushway Cosway
Cuss Little Custance
Cussans Constance
Cussens Constance
Cussins Constance
Cussons Cusson's Son
Cust Little Custance
Custance Constance
Custard Costard
Cuthbertson Cuthbert's Son
Cuttell Cuthill
Cutter boat
Cuttle Cuthill
Cuttres Cutter
Cuttress Cutter
Cuttris Cutter
Cuttriss Cutter
Cutts Little Cuthbert
Cuxon Cookson
Cuxson Cookson
Dabbin son of Dob or Robert
Dabbs son of Dob or Robert
Dabell Dobell
Dabin Dobbin
Dadds Dadd's Son
Daddson Dadd's Son
Daglish Brook-Field
Dainton Denton
Daintree Denton
Daish Dash
Daker Dacre
Dakers Daker's Son
Dakin Little David
Dakins Dakin's Son
Dale a bushy vale
Dales bushy vale
Dalry Dal, a valley, and righ, a king
Dalsell Dalzell
Daltree Dawtry
Daltrey Dawtry
Daltry Dawtry
Dancaster Doncaster
Dancock Dan + the pet suffix -cock
Dancocks Dancock's Son
Danger D'Angier, from Angier, a town in France
Dankin Little Dan
Danks Dankin's Son
Danson Dan's Son
Darbishire Derbyshire
Darbyshire Derbyshire
Darling endearment
Darlingson Darling's Son
Darlinson Darling's Son
Darlison Darling's Son
Darnton Deoreing's Farm or Manor
Dauglish Dalgleish
Daulton Dalton
Daun Dan
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