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Many surnames are associated with the place/locality of where the family lived and in those cases the location is noted as the meaning.
Many surnames are associated with the occupation of the person given the name.

Surname Origin Meaning
Wade Dutch               Dutch meadow or pasture
Wadsworth farm or place in the wood
Wagner German              German wagon-maker or driver
Waite Locality            Locality ground cleared of wood, a meadow
Wakefield Locality            Locality market-town in west Yorkshire, England
Wakeman watchman
Walden Saxon               Saxon woody place
Waldgrave Saxon               Saxon From wald, a forest, and grave, a ruler
Waldron Saxon               Saxon a wood
Wales Saxon               Saxon native of Wales
Walker English             English o walk, tread
Wall at the wall
Wallace Saxon               Saxon from Wales
Waller Saxon               Saxon foreigner
Wallis from Wales
Wallock Gaelic              Gaelic loch, a lake
Wallop Locality            Locality Wallop, in Hampshire, England
Walpole Locality            Locality Walpole, a town in Norfolk, England
Walsh Welshman
Walter German              German keeper of the wood
Walton Locality            Locality several villages in England
Wample Locality            Locality river of England
Wands Locality            Locality place where Woden was worshiped by the Anglo-Saxons
Warburton Locality            Locality township in Cheshire, England
Ward A keeper, one who guards
Wardlaw Locality            Locality parish of Kirkhill, in Moray, Scotland
Ware Locality            Locality market town of Hertfordshire, England
Warne An alder-tree, a ship's mast
Warren Locality            Locality Guarenna or Varenna, in the county of Calais, in Normandy
Warrender British             British old British dour, water
Warrwick Locality            Locality county town of Warwickshire, England
Washington Locality            Locality The name was taken from the place in England where the family originated; the town on the wash or salt river or creek.
Wassen Locality            Locality town in Switzerland
Watcock The son of Wat or Walter
Waters Locality            Locality one who navigated the waters, or resided near them.
Watkins son of Wat or Walter
Watkinson son of Wat or Walter
Watson The son of Walter
Watt Scottish            Scottish nickname for Walter
Watts son of Walter
Way Locality            Locality A road or passage of any kind;
Wayland Locality            Locality Dutch, 'Weiland,' pasture-ground, meadow-land
Weber German              German weaver
Webster weaver
Weeden Locality            Locality town in Northamptonshire
Weidman Dutch               Dutch Weid, a pasture or meadow, and man,--a herdsman
Weir Locality            Locality town of Hertfordshire, England
Welby Locality            Locality habitation in a wood or grove
Weld A wood
Welden Locality            Locality A wood
Weller Anglo-Saxon         Anglo-Saxon hollow or gulf
Wells Locality            Locality person who resided by a well
Wempel Locality            Locality river in England
Wemple Locality            Locality A river of England
Wemyss Locality            Locality Wemyss-shire, in Fife-shire, Scotland
Wendell Dutch               Dutch a walker
Wentworth Locality            Locality The Worth, place, on the river Went, in Northumberland, England
Werden German              German From Wehr, a fortification, and den, a hill; a town in the Netherlands called Woerden
Werner German              German warrier
Westall Locality            Locality West-Hall
Westcott west cot
Westerveldt Dutch               Dutch west field
Westmoreland English             English A county of England; the West-moor-land
Weston English             English west town
Wetherby Locality            Locality the wide or extended village
Wetherspoon Locality            Locality A grazing-place in the spur of a mountain or hill
Wetherwax Dutch               Dutch a herdsman, and wacht, a watch, a guard; weide, a pasture, a meadow
Wetsel Locality            Locality town on the lower Rhine
Weyland Locality            Locality Dutch, Weiland' pasture-ground, meadow-land
Whalley English             English Having greenish white eyes; wall-eyed
Wheaden English             English An old English west country term for a silly fellow
Whealdon Cornish             Cornish A place where mines are worked
Wheaton Locality            Locality a place of the same name on the river Nen, Northamptonshire, England
Wheden English             English An old English west country term for a silly fellow
Wheeler occupation          occupation trade
Wheelock occupation          occupation trade
Whieldon Cornish             Cornish A place where mines are worked
Whitby English             English White-town, a town in Yorkshire England
White English             English color of the hair, or complexion
Whitfield Locality            Locality white field
Whitford Locality            Locality white ford
Whiting Saxon               Saxon fair offspring
Whitlock Saxon               Saxon Fair hair
Whitman English             English lively, quick, and man
Whitney Saxon               Saxon town in Oxfordshire, England
Whittaker Locality            Locality The north part of a graveyard allotted to the poor
Wicker A man of the creek or bay
Wickham Saxon               Saxon A town in Buckinghamshire, England
Wickliff Saxon               Saxon a village six miles from Richmond, in Yorkshire, England
Wigan Locality            Locality town on the river Douglass, Lancashire, England
Wiggin Locality            Locality a town on the river Douglass, Lancashire, England
Wilberforce Locality            Locality Wild-boar-foss, a dike, a ditch
Wilbor Wildboar
Wilbraham Locality            Locality Wild-burgh-ham, A town in Kent England
Wilbur Wildboar
Wilcox Son of Will
Wilder Saxon               Saxon A traveler, foreigner, or pilgrim
Wilkins son of William
Wilkinson son of Wilkins
Willard Teutonic            Teutonic One who has a determined disposition
Willet Little William
William Belgic              Belgic Guild-helm, harnessed with a gilded helmet
Williamson son of william
Willis son of Willy
Willoughby Locality            Locality The town or habitation by the willows in Lincolnshire, England
Wilmot French              French Guillemot, a name frequent in France in early times, derived from Guillaume
Wilson son of William
Wilton Locality            Locality a town in Wiltshire, England, so called from the river Willey
Wiltshire Locality            Locality A county in England
Wimple Dutch               Dutch A streamer, pendant
Winch Locality            Locality A place in the county of Norfolk, England
Winchcombe Saxon               Saxon From wincel, a corner, and comb, a valley
Winchel Dutch               Dutch From Winschaal, a wine-bowl, a wineshop
Winchester Locality            Locality A city of Hampshire, England
Windham Locality            Locality A town in the county of Norfolk, England
Windsor Locality            Locality A town in Berkshire, England
Winegar Dutch               Dutch A town in Berkshire, England
Winekoop Dutch               Dutch Something to drink upon the bargain
Wing Locality            Locality A village in the county of Buckingham, England
Wingfield Locality            Locality From the manor of Wingfield, in Suffolk, England
Winne Welsh               Welsh The same as Gwynne, white
Winship Saxon               Saxon Wineshop
Winslow Locality            Locality From the town of Winslow, in Buckinghamshire, England
Winterton Locality            Locality From the village in the county of Norfolk, England
Winthrop Locality            Locality wine village
Wire Locality            Locality A market town of Hertfordshire, England
Wise wisdom
Wiseman wisdom
Wishart Wise-heart
Wiswall Locality            Locality Weisweil, a town in Baden, on the Rhine, Germany
Witherington Locality            Locality The withered or dry hill. A place in Northumberland, England
Witherspoon Locality            Locality A grazing-place in the spur of a mountain or hill
Witter Dutch               Dutch A whitener, a fuller, bleacher
Wodderspoon Locality            Locality A grazing-place in the spur of a mountain or hill
Wolf German              German someone living at a house distinguished by the sign of a wolf.
Wolsey Locality            Locality the Wolds-ley, from wold, a wood, a lawn
Wong Chinese             Chinese from a character meaning prince
Wood Locality            Locality A surname very ancient in Scotland
Woodruff Wood-reeve, the governor or keeper of a wood, a forester
Woodward a forest-keeper or officer
Woodworth Locality            Locality The farm or place in the wood
Wool One having short, thick hair
Woolley Locality            Locality Wold-ley, uncultivated lands, hills without wood
Woolsey Locality            Locality Wolds-ley, from wold, a wood, a lawn, and sometimes a plain, and lle, or ley, a place
Wooster Worcester
Worcester Locality            Locality A county and city of England from Saxon Were, a forest, and Cester, a camp or city
Worth Saxon               Saxon A court, farm, possession, place, field or way
Wright Scottish            Scottish maker of machinery
Wu Chinese             Chinese from the name of Ji Wu, a son of Ping Wang (770–719 B.C.), the first king of the Eastern Zhou dynasty
Wylie Willie or William
Wyman Dutch               Dutch From Weiman, a huntsman, a hunter

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