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The website provides a number of directories of genealogy related service directories. Most of the directories are regional or country specific research specialties but many other specialties and services are listed. The companies and individuals listed here are independent businesses and only provides an organized way of finding their services.

Research Specialties

Although a few genealogy professional companies have a wide range of research capabilities, most have specific research specialties. For example, Denyse Beaugrand-Champagne of Montreal is a specialist in both English and French records for the Province of Quebec. Because Denyse works in Montreal, she has easier access to Montreal archives. The research specialties are listed on the home page and at the top of the left side menu.

Contact the Professional

To determine which professional could be most helpful to you, try to determine which specialty will be most useful to meet your objectives in your family history research. In most cases, it is easiest to select a professional based on the geographic specialty. If the subject of your research lived in Scotland, then it is probably best to select a professional researcher who specializes in Scotland research. You can list the Scotland directory by clicking on the home page map or by selecting the Scotland menu item from the menu that cascades from the left-side United Kingdom menu item (requires JavaScript with IE). Once the specialty directory is displayed, you can click on the links for each researcher and select one that is appropriate to do research for you. To communicate with the professional, you can;

(1) Fill out the inquiry/enquiry form at the bottom of the description for each professional.
(2) Communicate with the professional directly by email, phone, regular mail, or using some other communications facility such as chat or Skype.
(3) If the professional has a website then click through to that website and use the website contact information.

Initially, you may want to only send a short message to the professional to see if their skills match your needs. If you get the professional to do paid research for you, you should provide them with as much information as possible so that you are not paying for information that you already possess.

Specify a Second Specialty

In some cases the research specialty directories are lengthy. You can shorten the directory by selecting a second specialty. For example, if you are looking for someone who does research into American adoption records, you will find that the USA research specialty directory is long and it will be time consuming to investigate each of the researchers. To simplify the task, use the pull down list at the top of the directory and select Adoption. This action will provide a short list of those who do both Adoption and American research.

Ubi sunt qui ante nos fuerunt?  Where are those who went before us?

Hiring an eXpert Genealogist

  • Search the specialty categories on the left & contact the
       professionals who have experience you require

  • Inform the professional about your goals & expectations

  • Specify your limitations & get agreement on the work.

  • Understand fees before making any payment

  • Share all of your known information, otherwise you will pay for duplicate or unnecessary effort.

  • Hiring a Professional Genealogist resource guide at

Professional Genealogists provide;

  • Time to do detailed genealogical research to find records
       of your ancestors
  • Knowledge of genealogy record sources;
       census, vital records, church records...
  • Expertise in a research specialty
  • Access to local records without travel costs
  • Understanding of history & foreign language
  • Access to databases that have fees
  • Planning ancestor search strategies
  • Experience with genealogy software
  • Family history book & website production
  • Organization & preservation of documents
  • Evaluation of historical records
  • Spell genealogy, not geneology
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