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Many surnames are associated with the place/locality of where the family lived and in those cases the location is noted as the meaning.
Many surnames are associated with the occupation of the person given the name.

Surname Origin Meaning
Baba German, Bube, a boy
Babb Latin-Greek         Latin-Greek A diminutive of Barbara meaning Stranger, foreigner
Babcock Bab, a nickname for Bartholomew, and cock, small, little, a son
Baber Bosseville; from Bosch, a wood, and ville, a village
Babin French              French Babylas
Babington English             English The esate of the Baba / Babba family
Bachelor Dutch               Dutch Bock, a book, and leeraar, a doctor of divinity, law, or physic
Backe English             English brook
Backer English             English Baker
Backhouse English             English Bake house
Backman German              German Bach, a brook, and man
Backster English             English Female baker
Bacon Anglo-Saxon         Anglo-Saxon bacan, to bake, to dry by heat
Badam Welsh-Hebrew        Welsh-Hebrew Son of Adam
Badeau French              French the Parisians who admired every thing that seems a little extraordinary
Bader German              German barber
Badgely Locality            Locality a town in Scotland
Badger a hawker, a peddler
Bagley Saxon               Saxon bilge, rising or swelling, and leagh or ley, plain or pasture land
Bagot French              French A stay or walking staff
Bagshawe English             English Back Wood
Bailey Bailiff
Baillie French              French bailiff
Bain Celtic              Celtic Whiteness, fairness
Bainbridge Celtic-English      Celtic-English The bridge over the River Bain
Baines French              French The healing baths
Bains French              French The healing baths
Baisley Gaelic              Gaelic Baisealach, proud
Baits several-languages   several-languages to feed, to rest for refreshment
Baker Saxon               Saxon bacan, to dry by heat
Bakewell English             English Badeca's spring or well
Balch bald
Balcombe Gaelic              Gaelic Bal, a round body, any thing thrown up and combe, a valley
Balder Anglo-Saxon         Anglo-Saxon Bealdhere / Baldhere = Bold Army
Balderston English             English B(e)aldhere's or Bealdor's Manor or Farmstead
Balding Anglo-Saxon         Anglo-Saxon B(e)alding / B(e)ald's Son
Baldock English             English Bald Oak
Baldrey Teutonic            Teutonic Baldric - bold + rek, a ruler
Baldry Teutonic            Teutonic Baldric - bold + rek, a ruler
Baldwin German              German bald, quick or speedy, and win, an old word signifying victor or conqueror
Balen Cornish-British     Cornish-British Melen, a mill
Balfe Celtic              Celtic Dumb, quiet
Balfour Gaelic              Gaelic Ball and Balla, signifies a casting up, raising, and denotes a wall, fortress, house, a village
Balgowan Celtic              Celtic The place of the smith
Ball Teutonic            Teutonic Baldwin
Ballantine A place where Bal or Belus was worshiped by the Celts
Ballantyne A place of ancient pagan worship among the Celts
Ballard Celtic-Gaelic       Celtic-Gaelic Ball, a place, a round elevation; and ard, high
Balliol Normandy            Normandy Bailey, Barrier
Balloch Celtic              Celtic Dweller at a Gap or Pass
Balmer Balm or spice dealer
Balshaw English             English Bald(a)'s Wood, a thicket, wood
Bamber English             English bean grove
Bambery English             English beam, a tree + bearh, a hill
Bamborough English             English beam, a tree + bearh, a hill
Bambridge English             English a tree, beam
Bambrough English             English beam, a tree + bearh, a hill
Bamburgh English             English beam, a tree + bearh, a hill
Bambury English             English beam, a tree + bearh, a hill
Bamfield English             English Tree-Field
Bamford English             English tree ford
Bampton English             English The tree (or log) dwelling or farmstead
Bancho Gaelic              Gaelic ban, white, and chu or cu, a dog
Bancroft French              French bain, a bath, a hot-house
Bangs Banks
Bannan Celtic              Celtic O'Banan, descendant of Banan, white, fair
Bannatyne Scottish            Scottish the hill where fires were kindled
Bannerman Scottish            Scottish the king's standard-bearer
Banning Danish              Danish Baaning, a home, a dwelling
Bannister French              French The keeper of a bath
Bant Welsh               Welsh A high place
Banta Gaelic              Gaelic Beaunta, hills, mountains
Banton English             English bean-enclosure
Banvard Cornish-British     Cornish-British ban, a mount, hill, or high ground
Banyard English             English bean-enclosure
Bar Barr, a parish in Ayrshire, Scotland
Barber Dutch               Dutch Bock, a book, and leeraar, a doctor of divinity, law, or physic
Barclay Saxon               Saxon beorce, a beech-tree, and leagh or ley, a field
Barcula Dutch               Dutch Borkulo, a town in Holland
Barculo Dutch               Dutch Borkulo, a town in Holland
Bard Celtic              Celtic bawr, a top or summit, the highest; and eidde or oidde, instructor
Bardrick Teutonic            Teutonic Axe-Ruler
Barfield English             English barleyfield
Barfoot English             English Barefoot
Barhydt Dutch               Dutch Barheid, sharpness, roughness, severity
Barker tanner
Barnabas German              German Son of exhortation
Barnaby German              German Son of exhortation
Barnard Saxon               Saxon Bearn or Bairn, a child, and ard, nature, disposition
Barnby Scandinavian        Scandinavian Bjorn's dwelling or estate
Barnes Cornish-British     Cornish-British Barnyz, a judge
Barnet Locality            Locality A town in Hertfordshire, England
Barney Bernard
Barnum Locality            Locality Bearnham, the town in the wood or hill
Barnwell English             English Bearne, a wood, and veld, a field
Baron Celtic              Celtic man
Barr Barr, a parish in Ayrshire, Scotland
Barras Saxon               Saxon Baerwas, groves, a place among trees
Barrell Gaelic              Gaelic Barrail, excellent, surpassing
Barret French              French barat, strife, deceit
Barringer Locality            Locality Beringer, a town in France
Barron Celtic              Celtic Man
Barrow A circular earthen mound, marking the place of interment of some noted person
Barry Baruch, a devout man who was interred there
Barstow Gaelic-Welsh        Gaelic-Welsh Barr, the top of a hill, and stow, a place or depository
Bartholomew Hebrew              Hebrew The son of him who maketh the waters to mount
Bartlett Bartholomew-little Bart
Barton Saxon               Saxon barley village
Bartul German              German Beorht, and ulph; help in counsel
Barwick Locality            Locality aber, the mouth, and wick, a town or harbor
Basford Locality            Locality The shallow ford or way
Basil Greek               Greek Royal, kingly
Basset French              French A little fat man with short legs
Bateman Saxon               Saxon bate, strife, to beat, contention
Bates Anglo-Saxon         Anglo-Saxon Bate, contention
Bath Saxon               Saxon bad, a place to bathe or wash
Bathe Bathing-Place
Bathgate Bathing-Place Road or Way
Bathurst Saxon               Saxon Bath and hurst, a place of fruit-trees, a wood or grove.
Battcock Bartholomew
Bauer German              German farmer
Bauerdt German              German farmer
Baum German              German tree
Bauman German              German builder
Baumann German              German builder
Baur German              German farmer
Baurerdt German              German farmer
Baxter Anglo-Saxon         Anglo-Saxon Bagster, a baker
Bayer German              German Bavarian
Bayerle German              German little Bavarian
Bayr German              German Bavarian
Beach Locality            Locality The shore of the sea, lake, or river
Beacher beach or bay
Beadle a messenger or crier of a court
Beal Gaelic              Gaelic Beul, the mouth, and by metonymy, eloquent, musical
Beatty Gaelic              Gaelic Beathaich, to feed, nourish, to welcome, to support
Beauchamp Norman-French       Norman-French fair or beautiful field
Beaufort Norman-French       Norman-French fine or commodious fort
Beaumont Norman-French       Norman-French fair mount
Beauvais French              French beautiful place
Beck Anglo-Saxon         Anglo-Saxon becc, a brook
Becker German              German backer, a baker
Beckett little brook
Beckford Saxon               Saxon brook-ford
Beckley Locality            Locality beck, a brook, and ley, field or meadow
Beckman a brook or stream, or on a bec, or neck of land
Beckwith Beckworth, the farm or place by the brook, from beck, a brook, and worth, a farm
Bedale Locality            Locality a town in England
Beddau Welsh               Welsh Rhos-y Beddau, the heath of the graves
Bede devout man
Bedeau French              French a beadle, mace-bearer
Bedell Beadle, an officer belonging to a court, university, ward, or parish
Bedford Saxon               Saxon bedan, battle, war, slaughter, and ford, a way or shallow place for crossing a river
Beecher French              French Beau chère, fine entertainment
Beers Locality            Locality bere, grain, barley; a fruitful place
Begg Gaelic              Gaelic Beag, little, young, small of stature
Belcher French              French Bel-chère, good cheer, fine entertainment
Belden Cornish-British     Cornish-British Beildin, the hill of Belus, a place of Druid-worship
Bell Scottish            Scottish Bell
Bellamont French              French beautiful mount
Bellamy French              French bel, fair or beautiful, and ami, a friend or companion
Bellew Norman-French       Norman-French De Belle Eau, from the beautiful water
Bellinger Locality            Locality Bellinger, a town in South Jutland
Belmont French              French fair mount
Belvidere Italian             Italian Bello, pleasant, and videre, to see
Benedict Latin               Latin Benedictus, blessed, well spoken of, or a person wishing all good
Benjamin Hebrew              Hebrew The son of the right hand; the youngest of Jacob's twelve sons
Bennett Benedictus, blessed
Benoit French              French Benedictus, blessed
Benson son of Benjamin
Bent Locality            Locality A plain, a moor, covered with the bent-grass
Bentley bent, bent-grass, and ley, uncultivated ground, a pasture
Beorn Saxon               Saxon chief
Beresford Barrasford, from barra, an old word for a plain, open heath
Berger German              German townsman
Bergeron Normandy            Normandy shepherd
Berkeley Saxon               Saxon Beorce, a beech-tree, or the box-tree, and leagh or ley, a field
Bernard Saxon               Saxon Bearn or Bairn, a child, and ard, nature, disposition
Berry French              French the province of Berri, in France
Bertram Saxon               Saxon Fair and pure
Bertrand Saxon               Saxon Fair and pure
Bessette French              French bas meaning either low, low-born, or short
Bethune Locality            Locality capital of a county in Artois, Netherlands
Betts Latin               Latin Beatus, happy
Bevan Welsh               Welsh Ap Evan, or Ivan, the son of John
Beveridge French              French Belvoir, fine prospect; and ridge, the back or top of a hill
Beverly Belvoir, a beautiful prospect, and ley, a place or field
Bewley French              French Beaulieu, a beautiful place
Beyer German              German Bavarian
Bickersteth Welsh               Welsh bicra, to fight, to bicker, and steth, a corruption of staff, used for tilting or skirmishing
Biddle Bedell and Beadle
Biddulph Saxon               Saxon Botolph, Boat, and ulph, Help
Bierman German              German taverner beer host
Biermeyer German              German taverner beer host
Bierwirth German              German taverner beer host
Bigalow Welsh               Welsh Bygglu, signifies to hector, to bully
Biggar A town in Lanarkshire, Scotland
Biggore Locality            Locality An ancient province of France
Bigler French              French One who squints
Bigod Danish              Danish By God
Bigot Danish              Danish By God
Bigsby Danish              Danish bigs, near, and by, the town
Billings Gaelic              Gaelic Beilean, loquacious; a prattling person
Bing Danish              Danish binge, a pen, a bin, a corn-bin
Bingham Danish              Danish a place where provisions were deposited; and ham, a town or village
Binney Cornish-British     Cornish-British Bin, a hill; and ey, water
Biorn Danish              Danish A bear; denoting courage and strength
Birch Locality            Locality birch-tree
Birely German              German little Bavarian
Birney Locality            Locality Burn-nigh, a village near the Burn or river
Birnie Locality            Locality Burn-nigh, a village near the Burn or river
Bixby Danish              Danish The house or village among the box-trees
Blackburn Locality            Locality The black brook or stream
Blackwood Locality            Locality the lands of Baron Dufferin and Claneboye, in Scotland, called Blackwood
Blain French              French the town of Blain, in Bretagne, France
Blair Celtic              Celtic a cleared plain
Blaisdale English             English Blase, sprouting forth, luxuriant; and dale, a valley
Blake Ap Lake, from Ap, signifying from, or son, and Lake
Blakeman Blackman
Blanc French-Catalan      French-Catalan white or fair hair or a pale complexion
Bland Mild, gentle, smooth
Blaney Welsh               Welsh Bluenae, the inland extremity of a valley
Blasedale Locality            Locality A place in Lancashire, England
Blauvelt German              German Blau, blue, and veld or feld, field
Bleeker Dutch               Dutch a bleacher or whitener of linen
Blin Welsh               Welsh Blaen, a point, the inland extremity of a valley
Bliss English             English very happy name
Bliven Danish              Danish Beleven, affable, genteel, kind
Blood Dutch               Dutch timorous, cowardly
Bloss Locality            Locality Blois, the chief town of a territory in Orleans, France
Blount Norman-French       Norman-French Blond, Of fair hair or complexion
Blundell Norman-French       Norman-French Blond, faired haired, only in a lesser degree
Blunt Norman-French       Norman-French Blond, Of fair hair or complexion
Blyth Glad, gay, joyful
Boardman One who keeps a boarding-house
Bock Dutch               Dutch book
Bocock Beaucock, a fine fellow
Bodine French              French Waggish, merry, sportive
Bodley Cornish-British     Cornish-British Bod, a house, and ley
Bogart Dutch               Dutch boomgard, an orchard
Bogue Saxon               Saxon boga, a bend, a bow, a corner
Bolingbroke Locality            Locality The brook or bridge near the round hill.
Bolster Cornish-British     Cornish-British Bolla, a casting or throwing up, and ter, the earth
Bolton round hill
Bonar Locality            Locality a chain of hills
Bond The father of a family
Bonnal Cornish-British     Cornish-British The house on the cliff
Bonner French              French Bonheur, happiness, good-fortune, prosperity
Bonney Scottish            Scottish Genteel, fine, spruce
Bontecou French              French Bonte, goodness, strength, fruitfulness, and cul, the bottom behind
Boorman Saxon               Saxon A countryman or farmer
Booth A small cottage
Bordoel Locality            Locality A town in lower Saxony
Borland Cornish-British     Cornish-British bor, swelling, rising, and land
Borrail Gaelic              Gaelic swaggering, boastful, haughty, proud
Boscawen Cornish-British     Cornish-British the town in Cornwall
Bostwick Cornish-British     Cornish-British Bos, a house, and wick, a haven or creek
Boswell Locality            Locality Bosch, a wood, and ville, a village
Bottesford Locality            Locality A town in England
Boucher French              French butcher
Boughton Locality            Locality the bowing or bending hill
Bourg French              French someone who lived in a fortified town
Bourne English             English a small river or spring-well
Bourque French              French someone who lived in a town that had been fortified
Boutin French              French Bout meaning someone who lived at the edge of a town or village
Bouvier French              French A drover
Bovie French              French Beauvais, a town in France
Bowen Welsh               Welsh Ap Owen, the son of Owen
Bowers Saxon               Saxon a cottage
Bowes Castle of Bowes with five hundred archers to defend it
Bowles bowl
Bowman archer
Bowne Cornish-British     Cornish-British Signifies ready, active, nimble
Bowyer archer
Boyd Gaelic              Gaelic buidhe, yellow-haired
Boyer A name given to a Grandee among the Muscovites
Boyle Scottish            Scottish Ó Baoithghill descendant of Baoithgheall
Boynton Locality            Locality Buvington, in the Wolds, in the East Riding of Yorkshire
Bracy French              French Bracy, a town in Normandy
Bradburn Locality            Locality The wide or broad brook
Bradford Locality            Locality broad ford
Brady Gaelic              Gaelic Breada, handsome
Bragg Scandinavian        Scandinavian Brag was the god of eloquence
Braine Gaelic              Gaelic Brain, a chieftain
Braman Bremen, local, a city of Germany
Bramhall Danish              Danish bram, goods on sale
Bran Gaelic              Gaelic raven
Brand Teutonic            Teutonic to burn
Brande Locality            Locality town in Denmark
Brandon Locality            Locality burnt town
Brandreth Gaelic-Welsh        Gaelic-Welsh Bran, signifies a swift river, and dreth, the sandy shore or strand
Bratt Danish              Danish Brave, valiant, courageous
Braud French              French a place in Gironde named Braud
Brauer German              German brewer
Brawn German              German with brown hair
Breck Locality            Locality broken
Breckenridge Locality            Locality broken, out of repair; and ridge
Breed Dutch               Dutch broad, large
Breese Welsh               Welsh Ap Reese, the son of Reese
Brendon Cornish-British     Cornish-British Bren, a crow, and dun or don, a hill
Brenigan Cornish-British     Cornish-British A limpet
Brenin Cornish-British     Cornish-British Brenhin, a triutary prince
Brennan Gaelic              Gaelic Ó Branáin descendant of Branán
Brenner German              German distiller
Brentwood Anglo-Saxon         Anglo-Saxon burnt-wood
Breton British             British A native of Britain
Brett Breton, a Briton
Breuer German              German brewer
Breuilly French              French A coppice
Brewer A brewer of malt liquor
Brian Gaelic              Gaelic Bri, dignity, honor, and an, diminutive of that to which it is annexed, belonging to it
Briant Gaelic              Gaelic Bri, exalted, and ant, a termination, implying the being or state of that to which it is annexed
Briare Locality            Locality a town in the province of Orleans, France
Brice Welsh               Welsh Ap Rice, the son of Rice
Brick Gaelic              Gaelic Ó Bruic descendant of Broc
Bride Gaelic              Gaelic Brighid, a hostage, pledge, or security
Bridge Locality            Locality raised over rivers
Bridges Locality            Locality raised over rivers
Bridgman Gaelic              Gaelic a builder of bridges
Brienne Locality            Locality meeting-place of the Brians or nobles
Brierly French              French bruyere, shrubs growing on commons and heaths
Briggs Anglo-Saxon         Anglo-Saxon brigg, a bridge
Brighton Locality            Locality bright town
Brill Dutch               Dutch Bril, a neat city in tho Netherlands
Brimmer Anglo-Saxon         Anglo-Saxon Bremman, Breme, or Brim, to extend, to amplify to the utmost limits
Brinker German              German small farmer
Brinkerhoff Dutch               Dutch Brengerhof, messenger of the court, or head messenger or carrier
Brion Gaelic              Gaelic Bri, dignity, honor, and an, diminutive of that to which it is annexed, belonging to it
Brisban Cornish-British     Cornish-British brez or brys, a judgment, a trial at law, and ban, a hill, a mount
Brisbin Cornish-British     Cornish-British brez or brys, a judgment, a trial at law, and ban, a hill, a mount
Bristed Saxon               Saxon brihs, bright, pleasant, and stead, a place
Bristol Gaelic-Welsh        Gaelic-Welsh bris, broken, and tull, tol, a hole, cleft or chasm
Bristow Saxon               Saxon brihs, pleasant, bright, and stow, the same as stead, a place
Brittan A native of Britain
Britte Dutch               Dutch Brittainer
Britten A native of Britain
Britton A native of Britain
Brock Saxon               Saxon Broc, a badger
Brocklesby a small town in England
Brodie Locality            Locality a little ridge; a brow
Brodt Locality            Locality a town in Sclavonia
Brome a sprig of the broom-plant as the symbol of humility
Bromfeld Locality            Locality The field abounding in broom
Bromley Locality            Locality brome or broom, and ley, a field or common
Bronson son of Brown
Brooks Locality            Locality small river
Broome a sprig of the broom-plant as the symbol of humility
Broster Cornish-British     Cornish-British Greatness, majesty
Brotherson nephew
Brougham Locality            Locality Burgham. The village on a hill; a borough town
Broughton Locality            Locality A town on the hill
Broussard French              French brush
Brower Dutch               Dutch brewer
Brown Scottish            Scottish complexion, color of hair or garments
Brownson son of Brown
Bruce Scottish-Norman     Scottish-Norman De Bruys; from Bruy or Bruys, a place in Normandy
Bruder German              German brother
Brun French              French brown
Brunner Locality            Locality a town of that name in Switzerland
Brunson son of Brown
Brux Locality            Locality A town in England
Bruyere French              French A common or heath covered with shrubs
Bryan Brian
Bryant Gaelic              Gaelic Bri, exalted, and ant, a termination, implying the being or state of that to which it is annexed
Bryce Welsh               Welsh Ap Rhys, the son of Rhys or Rhees
Bryn Welsh               Welsh A mountain
Buchan Locality            Locality A district of Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Buchanan Locality            Locality A parish in the shire of Sterling, Scotland
Bucher French              French A wood-house
Buchholz German              German beechwood
Buck Buck
Buckbee Locality            Locality boc, a beech-tree, and by, a village
Buckhout Dutch               Dutch beuk, a beech, and houdt, a wood
Buckingham Saxon               Saxon Bucen, beechen, and ham, a village, from the abundance of beech-trees
Buckley Locality            Locality Bullock-ley, the bullock-field or pasture
Bucklin Gaelic              Gaelic Buic, a roe-buck, deer, and linne, a pool or lake
Buckmaster one who had the care of herds of venison
Buckminster Saxon               Saxon bucen, beechen, or bugan, to bend, a bow, a corner, round, and minster, a church, a monastery
Buckston Saxon               Saxon boc, a beech-tree, and ton, a town
Budd Welsh               Welsh Thrift, gain, riches, victory
Buddington Locality            Locality The flourishing town
Buel Welsh               Welsh A herd of cattle
Bulkeley Locality            Locality Bullock-ley, the bullock-field or pasture
Bull A well-known animal, powerful, fierce, and violent
Bullard Having the disposition of a bull
Buller Danish              Danish Boler, a gallant
Bullions Gaelic              Gaelic Beul, the mouth, and Liane, the river
Bullock A full-grown ox
Bun Gaelic              Gaelic Bunn, a hill
Bunnell Locality            Locality Bonhill, a parish in the county of Dumbarton, Scotland
Bunting A kind of bird
Bunyan Gaelic-Welsh        Gaelic-Welsh Bunan, a squat, short person
Burbeck Dutch               Dutch Burh, a hill, and bek, a point, a beak
Burby Saxon               Saxon Bur, a hill, and by, a house or village
Burd Locality            Locality A river in France
Burden Saxon               Saxon Bour, a house and den, a valley
Burder A bird-catcher
Burdett A little bird, ett signifying young, small, tender
Burg Teutonic            Teutonic a hill, a fortification, tower, castle, house, city
Burger German              German townsman
Burgess An inhabitant of a borough
Burgos Locality            Locality A city of Spain, in Old Castile
Burgoyne Locality            Locality Bourgogne, now Burgundy, an old province of France
Burke De Burgo the fort, castle, hill, or city
Burlase Cornish-British     Cornish-British The green summit or top
Burleigh Saxon               Saxon Burh, is the same as burg, a city, castle, house, or tower; leigh, a low place, opposed to a place higher, the same as ley, a meadow, a pasture
Burnett Scottish            Scottish French burnete, a diminutive of brun brown
Burnham English             English Bourn or Burn, signifies a river, and ham, a village or town
Burns Scottish            Scottish a small stream
Burnside Locality            Locality Beside the brook or burn
Burr Saxon               Saxon Burh, a wall, a fortress, a castle
Burrard Dutch               Dutch Boer, a rustic, a farmer, and ard, nature, mode, kind
Burrell borel lay clerks
Burt Gaelic              Gaelic quizzing, joking
Burtis Welsh               Welsh Bwrdais, a burgess
Burton Locality            Locality the Bur-town, from the abundance of burs
Bushnell Dutch               Dutch Bossen-hall, a faggot or wood-market, or a hall or mansion in the wood
Bushwell Locality            Locality Bushwild. From bush and well, wild, wold, a wood, a lawn, or plain
Busk Swedish             Swedish Busche, a wood, a thicket
Buskirk Dutch               Dutch Bos, a wood, and kerk, a church
Bussey French              French the town of Bussey, in the province of Burgundy, France
Butler chief Butler of Ireland, the Earls of Ormond
Butman Locality            Locality the man who lives at the butt or boundary
Butts Butts were marks for archery
Buxton Saxon               Saxon boc, a beech, and ton
Byfield Danish              Danish The village in the field
Bygby Danish              Danish Barley-town
Byington Saxon               Saxon Bying, a habitation, and ton, a hill or inclosure
Byron French              French De Biron, from the town of Biron, in the province of Guienne, France

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