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Many surnames are associated with the place/locality of where the family lived and in those cases the location is noted as the meaning.
Many surnames are associated with the occupation of the person given the name.

Surname Origin Meaning
Eachan Celtic              Celtic Little Horse
Eachen Celtic              Celtic Little Horse
Eacott English             English Dweller at the Waterside Cotage
Ead English             English prosperity, happiness
Eade English             English prosperity, happiness
Eades English             English son of Ead
Eads English             English son of Ead
Eagan Egan
Eager Sharp-set, vehement, earnest
Eagle Anglo-Saxon personal name Aegel
Eaglestone Dweller at the Eagle-Rock
Eagleton Eggleton
Eakin Ekin
Eakins Ekins
Eamer English             English Anglo-Saxon personal name Eamer, Eomer, Eomaer
Eames uncle
Eamonson Edmondson
Eardley English             English Earda's Lea
Earl English             English Nobleman, Chief
Earle English             English Nobleman, Chief
Earles English             English son of Earl
Earll English             English Nobleman, Chief
Earnshaw English             English Dweller at the Eagle-Wood
Earp English             English Swarthy, Dark
Earsdon English             English Eor Hill
Easby English-ScandinavianEnglish-Scandinavian the East Dwelling
Easey Easy
Easlea Eastley
Easley Eastley
Eason English             English Servant, Labourer
East English             English Dweller at the East
Eastaff English             English descendant of the Anglo-Saxon Eastulf/Eastwulf
Eastburn English             English the East Brook
Eastcote Locality            Locality East Cotage
Eastcott East Cotage
Easte Dweller at the East
Easteal English             English East Slope
Eastel English             English East Slope
Easter English             English Born at Easter-Tide
Easterbrook English             English East Brook
Easterfield English             English East Field
Easterling English             English One From The East
Eastes English             English Son of Easte
Eastgate English             English East Gate
Eastham English             English the East Enclosure or Land
Easther Easter
Easthope English             English East Hope or Hill-Recess
Eastick Eastwick
Eastill English             English East Hill
Eastlake English             English East Lake
Eastley English             English East Lea
Eastling Easterling
Eastman English             English Anglo-Saxon Eastmund or Estmund
Eastmead English             English East Meadow
Easton English             English East Farmstead, Manor, or Village
Eastty Easty
Eastwell English             English East Well or Spring
Eastwick English             English East Place
Eastwood English             English East Wood
Easty English             English East Island or Riverside Land
Easun Eason
Easy English             English Anglo-Saxon personal name Esi or Esa
Eate English             English Anglo-Saxon personal name Eata
Eates Son of Eate
Eaton Saxon               Saxon From ea, water, and ton, a town
Eatwell English             English Eata's Well or Spring
Eaves Son of Eve
Eayrs Eyres
Ebb Old Teutonic Ebbe, Ebba, Ebbi, Ebbo, Ebo
Ebblewhite for Bebblewhite or Hebblethwaite
Ebbutt Ebbott
Ebden Hebden
Ebdon Hebden
Eberlee Locality            Locality Eabar, in the Gaelic, is a marshy place, a place where two or three streams meet
Eberly German              German From eber, a boar, and ly, like;
Ebert German              German Eberhard/Eberhardt
Ebner Abner
Ebsworth English             English Eb's Estate or Farm
Eccles church
Eddy Saxon               Saxon Ed, backwards, and ea, water
Edgar Saxon               Saxon Eadigar, happy or blessed; honor
Edgecumbe Locality            Locality the manor in Devonshire, England.
Ediker Saxon               Saxon From Eadigar, happy
Edmond Saxon               Saxon Happy peace
Edward Saxon               Saxon Happy keeper
Edwards Saxon               Saxon Son of Edward
Egbert Saxon               Saxon Always bright, famous
Eggleston Welsh-British       Welsh-British From Egles, a church, and tun or dun, a hill
Eiginn Gaelic              Gaelic Strong-handed
Eisenhauer German              German iron cutter, miner
Eisenhower German              German iron cutter, miner
Eldred Saxon               Saxon All reverent fear
Elias Hebrew              Hebrew Signifies Lord God
Ell Hebrew              Hebrew The offering or lifting up
Ellet Little Elias
Elliot son of Elias
Ellis Elias
Elmer Locality            Locality Hellan, in the Welsh, signifies the elms
Elphinstone Locality            Locality barony of Elphinstone, in Scotland
Elton from the Saxon words ael, an eel, and ton,a town
Elwy Locality            Locality A river in Wales
Ely Locality            Locality a city in Cambridgeshire, England
Emerson Saxon               Saxon Emar, from Ethelmar, noble, and son
Emmet Locality            Locality Gaelic, the quick river
Ennes Celtic-Gaelic       Celtic-Gaelic An island or peninsula
Ennis Celtic-Gaelic       Celtic-Gaelic An island or peninsula
Enos Hebrew              Hebrew Fallen man, mortal, sickly
Errick derived from Ehr, German, honor, and rick, rich
Erskine Gaelic              Gaelic upon the knife
Erwin Welsh               Welsh Erwyn, very fair, white
Esham Locality            Locality town in Worcestershire, England, formerly Eoves-ham
Estley Locality            Locality The East field or pasture
Ethelbert Saxon               Saxon from Ethel or Adel, noble, and bert, bright, famous
Eton Locality            Locality from Aw, water, and twyn, a small hill
Euer A person stationed on the sea-shore, to watch and notify the fishermen of the shoals of fish
Eure Locality            Locality the lordship of Eure, in Buckinghamshire, England
Eustace Greek               Greek standing firm
Evans Welsh               Welsh John
Evelyn Locality            Locality in the county of Salop, England
Everard Saxon               Saxon Well reported, ever honored
Everett Everard
Everly Locality            Locality A place in Wiltshire, England
Everts Everard
Ewell Locality            Locality A town in England
Eyre Locality            Locality district in Scotland
Eytinge Saxon               Saxon Ey, Saxon, ig, an island, a watery place, and ing, a meadow

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