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Many surnames are associated with the place/locality of where the family lived and in those cases the location is noted as the meaning.
Many surnames are associated with the occupation of the person given the name.

Surname Origin Meaning
Nab the summit of a mountain, the top
Naffis French              French From Nefils, that is, born son, from Ne and fils
Nairne Locality            Locality a shire, river, and town in Scotland
Nance Locality            Locality Nance or Nancy, a city of France
Napier from taking charge of the king's napery or linen at the coronation of English kings
Nash Naish, a place near Bristol, England
Naylor A maker of nails
Neal Neil
Neander Greek               Greek veoc-uvip, the new man
Needham Locality            Locality Needham, a market-town in Suffolk, England
Neff French              French Naif, artless, candid
Nefis Welsh               Welsh Nwyfus, sprightly
Neil Cornish-British     Cornish-British power, might
Neilson son of Neil or Nel
Nel Cornish-British     Cornish-British power, might
Nelson son of Neil or Nel
Nelthrope Nehwl, Gothic for near or nigh, and thorpe, a village
Nequam Latin               Latin Dishonest, lazy
Ness A cape or promontory
Netherwood Locality            Locality The lower wood
Neuman German              German newcomer
Neveu French              French nephew
Neville French              French a town in Poitou, France
Nevin Gaelic              Gaelic Naomh, holy, sacred, consecrated
Newbury Saxon               Saxon New-town
Newth Gaelic              Gaelic new, fresh, recent.
Newton Locality            Locality new town
Nisbett Locality            Locality Lands in the shire of Berwick, Scotland.
Noakes at the oak
Noble Great, elevated, dignified
Noel French              French Christmas
Nogent Locality            Locality Town in the province of Champagne, France
Nokes at the oak
Nolan Irish               Irish Anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Nualláin
Norbury Locality            Locality The north town or village
Norcutt Locality            Locality The north-cot
Norfolk Locality            Locality A county of England
Norman A native of Normandy, a northman
Norris Norroy, or north-king
Northam Locality            Locality The north house or village
Northcote Locality            Locality The north-cot
Northop Locality            Locality A place in England
Northumberland Locality            Locality A county of England
Norton Locality            Locality a town in Yorkshire, England
Norwich Locality            Locality the city and seaport of Norwich, in Norfolk, England
Nott Saxon               Saxon smooth, round, a nut
Nottingham Locality            Locality the borough town of Nottingham, in England
Nowell Noel
Nox Locality            Locality Cnoe, in the Gaelic, is a little hill, a hillock
Noyes Noy is an abbreviation for Noah
Nugent Locality            Locality the town of Nogent, in the province of Champagne, France
Nunez Spanish             Spanish son of Nuno
Nye abbreviation of Isaac

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